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Kinshasa et les environs

October 13, 2010


Photo from Google images- not safe to take photos in Kinshasa:(


Saturday, Katie and I took a lovely tour around the city and beyond, led by David, one of the security guards at our apartment complex.  David and I have spent a bunch of time together (since I don’t have a 9 to 5), and he has been really nice and helpful in getting us acquainted with the city.

We walked for a while at first, out to the next big round-about where taxis and vendors gather.  Along the way we got to take in some sights of the Congo river, shops and buildings, and even admire some moneys and puppies for sale.  The monkeys were really cute- they were sharing a mango between the three of them.

After, we walked we got a cab to take us to the next district over from Gombe (the district where we live).  From there we took a nice long walk up into the hills (where David lives).

Katie and I felt very comfortable in this surrounding, as it more closely resembled the places we stayed while in Sierra Leone and Uganda. There were few cars, lots of fruit and other trees, and children running around playing soccer.  A relaxing vibe in contrast to the city center where we live, where there is little vegetation, cars jammed together on the hectic 8 lane thoroughfare, and the mix of elites in their fancy clothes driving around in their new SUV and the shegue street children who beg you for a dime.

Maybe in the future we’ll move further out of the city, but for now we are tethered to our internet, running water, and electricity. The street markets we walked through were bustling and we picked up some mangoes for the house (4 for just over 30 cents).  After seeing David’s place we stopped and grabbed a much needed drink.

Under the shade of a fruit tree we chatted about life in Kinshasa and the DRC, both the dangers and annoyances as well as the good.  David is a smart guy so it was interesting listening to what he had to say.  After, we took the trek back home we stopped off at our watering hole (Chez Bertrand, the restaurant around the corner) and had some tasty beef, fou fou, and beer.  The owner of the shop treated us to the beers, which made them taste even better.  It was a long day, but we both really enjoyed it.

Sunday we went to an amazingly delicious English Breakfast (beans and toast, sausage, bacon, potatoes, stewed tomatoes, and omelettes) hosted by the British Embassy, and then took a stroll along the banks of the Congo river.

It was a fantastic weekend, and we are both looking forward to the next weekend expedition.

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  1. Aunt Melodee permalink
    October 25, 2010 3:09 pm

    Fantastique! It sounds like a fascinating place. Now, for local news…Your mom, dad, Tina & Justin came to listen to Uncle Jim’s band play at a little sports dive in Mentone called Barnacles (on 10/8 -T&R’s 32nd anniversary), we had some interesting encounters with the local fauna, ask you mom and dad for details! We are so missing you guys. Been rainy and chilly here most of the last week, but Uncle Jim and I made our way to Palm Springs over the weekend for a little bit of sun to celebrate our 31st anniversary last Wednesday 10/20. Going to a Halloween party on Saturday 10/30 as…a devil with a blue dress on! Is Halloween celebrated in Kinshasa? Love to you both!

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