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The Map on the Right

September 21, 2014

I updated the “Where are we now?” map in the right-hand panel of the website—->   (if you’re reading this in your email, click on the link that takes you to the webpage to see)

The little man icon is now in California, and the little woman icon is in DRC- a small change marking the newest big transition chez nous.

Update - "Where are we now?"

As of last month, Jamie has officially said au revoir to the DRC and is back in California, and, after a few wonderful weeks of vacation in CA, I’ve headed back to DRC for a few final months.

In late August, Jamie wrapped up his position, wrote up his handover notes, packed up a giant metal trunk full of huge masks and wood carvings, and enjoyed one final Bukavu HHH regressive run farewell tour.

Farewell HHH Party

Then, the two of us boarded the California-bound business class flight that we upgraded to using frequent flier miles.


Flying home in business class was certainly the way to end Jamie’s DRC stint with a bang.  Not only did the seats recline all the way flat, the meal was served with a linen tablecloth and wine pairings, and dessert was an ice cream sundae bar with choice of about a dozen different toppings.

Business class, notice the fresh roses in the backgrouns

To make things even more exclusive, our seats were located in the “business class only” upper deck of the plane, meaning that we got to walk up the roped off stairs when boarding, while all the economy class pions continued on in the lower deck to their measly, pay-for-alcohol-even-though-it’s-an-international-flight seats.  (But really, no offense to the pions.  That’s where we are every other time we fly).

Boeing 747-400 Screenshot_9_21_14,_1_01_AM

Jamie plans to work with his dad on renovating his family’s country house, and eventually start looking for a CA-based engineering job, probably much closer to his academic background than what he worked on in DRC.

I plan to stay in the DRC for a few more months to wrap up some of the exciting work activities that I’m in the middle of right now, and then make my way back to the good old US of A to join Jamie probably the beginning of next year.  (I’ve been saying for 3 years now that I’m going to leave DRC… this time may actually be for real).

But before temporarily parting ways, Jamie and I spent 3 glorious weeks together in California- from Palm Springs, to San Diego, to Hollywood and the Bay area- catching up with family and friends, catching up on piles of mail, catching up on new movies and music, catching up on shopping, and getting some much needed sleep.

palm springs 2

Bordeaux reunion in Palm Springs

brian's wedding 2

Brian and Diana’s wedding in Piedmont

We also started looking at houses, trying to get an idea of where we might want to live when I’m back and we want to unpack all of our wedding presents that have been in storage, and hang up our huge tribal masks.

Until then, we’ll have a few months of long-distance, relying on the fickle internet gods to be able to communicate.  It won’t be easy, but we’ve done it before.

And for all our friends and family who have missed our shining, smiley faces over the past few years, you now have at least one of them back home!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Tom Robinette permalink
    September 22, 2014 5:17 pm

    Miss you. Love you. See you soon.

  2. Rob permalink
    September 25, 2014 9:06 am

    Hey Katie,

    Loved the blog. But was left with a question. Are Jan and I Peons or Pions when we fly with the rabble?? Just want to be accurate about our status!

    We all missed you this past weekend when your mom and dad came to visit. Jamie of course had us all working, including you, which was great! Unfortunately you couldn’t be here for the eclectic dinner menu combination of Zachary’s pizza and Dinner Bell Farm beer can chicken but James was able to join us and it was nice to meet him.

    Take care and lots of hugs.

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