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About the Bride and Groom

About the Bride (as told by the Groom)


Katie and Jamie in Crocker Park

Katie grew up in Southern California.  To best describe Katie, while sticking within the comfort zone of an engineer, I have decided to opt out of the full paragraph approach and go with the bullet point method.  The characteristics listed below represent only some of the amazing qualities Katie possesses, and reasons I am in love with her and asked her to marry me.

  • She’s got Ambition:  Katie is one of the most ambitious people I have ever met.  She is always challenging herself and is happiest with an overflowing schedule.  Yes, the idea that she can do a million things in a day may cause her to have a slightly warped sense of time (she is constantly running 15 minutes late), but I’d argue that this trait is necessary to possess the level of drive and ambition she has.  Her energy and determination are infectious and a constant source of motivation for me in my attempt to reach my potential.
  • She’s got Smarts:  Katie got her B.S. from a UC in Biopsychology and has a Master’s in Public Health (inInternational Health & Development) from Tulane University.  Not only does she have a Master’s, but she was awarded a full ride from the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship foundation.
  • She loves to Travel:  The first few months that Katie and I spent together was in South East Asia, and the travels don’t stop there.  From backing packing through Central America, to working in Sierra Leone, to road tripping across the States, Katie loves to see new places and experience new things.  These travels have helped inspire her to want to work internationally in development (which she is planning to do, post wedding – well, we are planning).
  • She loves Music:  Katie loves to play the cello, inspired by one of her favorite musicians Yo-Yo-Ma.  However, most importantly, she lets me repetitively play the new piano and guitar songs I am always attempting to learn, with limited objections.
  • Katie is a Cat Lady.  Growing up surrounded by dogs, this was not always the case. It was Mimi, the cat who adopted her while she was living in New Orleans, and who now lives with us, that turned Katie into a certified Cat Lady.
  • Katie is an amazing, down to earth, cultured, thoughtful, fun, open-minded, independent, free-thinking, and grounded person.  She is the type of person who within a day can put together a treasure hunt that rivals a Nicholas Cage movie.  One that has the potential to provide the opening for an exciting, life changing event…

About the Groom (as told by the Bride)


Katie and Jamie

Jamie grew up in the bay area in Northern California, the 4th child out of 5.  According to his mom, as a baby Jamie would sometimes embarrass her in public when he glared at the strangers in the super market who said hi to him.  Baby Jamie must have outgrown this wariness at some point, because adult Jamie is full of charm and charisma- one of my favorite things about him.  He could make friends with a rock.

Jamie has spent the past several years at a UC earning his 2 degrees in Civil Engineering.  Jamie is just a few short months from finishing his thesis- “A Scenario-Driven Comparison of the Flow and Transport Models Used in California’s Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta” (say that 5 times fast!)- and earning his Master’s degree in Water Resource Engineering.  This is great because, even though it might not seem like it at first glance, our 2 academic passions actually have a lot of parallels (one must have clean water to have good health).  Jamie has already found exciting ways to apply his engineering smarts to address issues in developing countries on a trip to Uganda with Engineers Without Borders.

A trip like that would never have been possible without Jamie’s adventurous spirit- he is curious and excited about the world and always ready to try something new, which is great because he makes a perfect partner in crime for some of the crazy ideas that we both come up with.  Maybe this started back in the day on Boy Scout backpacking excursions in the Sierras, which eventually earned him his Eagle Scout status (he’s got skills).  Nowadays, these crazy ideas usually manifest themselves in some sort of world travel, though they overflow into Arabic classes, horseback riding, scuba diving, exotic foods and recipes, beer brewing, back yard gardening, etc. etc.

Maybe it’s this curiosity in the world that makes Jamie such a well-rounded guy.  Though his academic specialty lies in the sciences, he more than dabbles in the arts… especially music.  Jamie can (and will) start a jam session with anything that’s within reach… or just his voice if nothing else is in reach, as he does burst spontaneously into song at any given moment.  He sometimes sings his half of a conversation.  His preferred instruments are guitar and piano, and he has at least once in his life set out a hat for tips while he played in the grass at a festival with his buddy and sang songs about passersby.

Jamie is just an overall happy guy and an amazing source of joy.  He always smiling, he is quick with a kind word, thoughtful gesture, or a joke.  He’s open-minded, patient and has more a realistic grasp on time than I, which makes for a nice balance.

He is genuine.   And I am genuinely lucky to have him as my groom-to-be…

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  1. Lola K. permalink
    June 8, 2011 9:30 pm

    I currently reside in Miami and I am originally from the Congo. I left my country in fall of 1991, went back once in 1993 and unfortunately never went back. I grew up in the Region of Shaba in the city of Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Likasi. My father was a geologist, so we moved quite a bit within these three cities.
    I am hosting a small party for my birthday and thought it will be nice to cook some of our authentic food , hence my search of le poulet a la muambe recipe and I came a across your website/blog. As I was reading I got really nostalgic about my country. Although I still have some family members left , the closest ones have immigrated to Johannesburg , the States and Europe.
    After reading your blog, I felt the urge to write because I think you guys are simply amazing and I admire your sense of adventure, your big heart and unselfishness.
    Congrats on your wedding you looked like an amazing couple.

  2. Katie R permalink*
    June 9, 2011 8:06 am

    Thanks so much for your kind words, Lola. I’m really glad that you came across our site and I hope that the poulet a la muambe dish will give you a little taste of home. And happy birthday!

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