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Gift Registry


We both feel extraordinarily lucky to be joined by our friends and family from all over California, across the U.S., and even from abroad to celebrate this special occasion!   This is a huge gift for us in itself.

Click here gift ideas!

Here are some ideas for gifts that we would both absolutely love.  Some of the ideas are specific items from specific stores, however many are generic items that don’t really need to come from any store in particular.  We are also registered separately at Amazon, Target and REI (see below).

We love interesting styles and colors, things from foreign lands, hand-made goods or art, vintage items with interesting histories or stories, even fabulous Craigslist or yard sale finds!  We love absolutely everything from Cost Plus World Market.  Also, check out the “I Do Foundation”‘ section below for details on stores that will donate a percentage of each purchase to charity.

In addition, since the two of us are planning to move abroad after the wedding, most of our things will be put in storage for a little while until we come back.  One gift that we could easily take with us and use right away is the simple gift of financial support.



Both of us have been heavily involved in work with non-profit organizations over the years and we feel very strongly about giving back to the community and to the world by supporting the amazing work that’s being done out there.  We hope that our wedding and our marriage will be a reflection of this.

In the spirit of benevolence and philanthropy then, we have come up with a few ideas to mention on this page.

I Do Foundation

In addition to the main registry above, we are also registered at the following stores.  Thanks to the generosity of the I Do Foundation’s registry partners, if you use the links below while shopping online, a percentage of each gift that you buy from these vendors will be donated to one of the charities of our choosing.   This donation is made at absolutely no additional cost to you. Simply use the links below to connect to each vendor through the I Do Foundation’s site, and then use our event details to search for our gift registry.

Target 5% donated to charity 4% donated to charity

REI 4% donated to charity


In addition, there are a few organizations that we have personally worked with around the world to which we would be honored to have donations made in our names.  (Click on the logos to be directed to their sites)

The Edible Schoolyard New Orleans integrates organic gardening and seasonal cooking into the curricula, culture, and food programs at two public charter schools.  Through these experiences, students become stewards or our land and natural resources, and discover that teamwork yields genuine benefits in the garden, kitchen, and in life.  Katie volunteered here when she lived in New Orleans and was inspired by their work, especially when certain sections of New Orleans still have no access to a food market nearby.

Engineers Without Borders helps create a more stable and prosperous world by addressing people’s basic human needs by providing necessities such as clean water, power, sanitation and education.  Because of its strong university presence, EWB is the catalyst for a new movement to educate the next generation of socially conscious engineers deeply aware of the needs of the rest of the world.  Jamie volunteered with the UC Davis EWB chapter for a trip to Uganda, where he taught how to build fuel efficient and low emission “Rocket Stoves” from local materials.

The Friends of Sierra Leone strives to educate Americans and those in other countries about Sierra Leone’s peoples, cultures and history and advocate for legislation favorable to Sierra Leone’s interests.  The FoSL also supports small-scale development and relief projects in Sierra Leone.  We ran into FoSL this past summer in Sierra Leone and were impressed by their teacher training workshop.  They set out to empower local school teachers to harness community knowledge rather than feeling paralyzed by lack of government resources for the schools.

With programs focused on creating safety and healing for victims, batterer accountability, social justice and community change, STAND! Against Domestic Violence offers a range of programs including shelter, crisis line, support services, and outreach to schools and the community.  Katie  is currently doing consulting work with STAND! and has been impressed by their range of services and innovation in programs.


Since we’ll be down in Southern California a bit before and after the wedding, the best address at which to reach us is Katie’s parent’s house:

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