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The Proposal

This year, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day (one of Katie’s favorite holidays) a day early.  Our plans for the day began with a Veteran’s Association pancake breakfast and a trip to the Farmer’s Market, but most of the day revolved around an elaborate scavenger/treasure hunt that Katie put together for Jamie (a skill learned from/inspired by childhood treasure hunts with her sister) that lasted most of the day and led him all over town.  It was a pretty challenging hunt, Katie planted clues with puzzles that Jamie had to figure out to lead him to the next clue.

For example, one clue contained 2 slips of paper: one had a series of numbers (“18 7  7 26 16 22 8  13 12  7 18 14 22  7 12  21 26 15 15…”) and the other read, “find this written in a book… with notes…”  Jamie ransacked the entire house, looking through all of his old calculus and physics books (some type of equation?), all of the music books from piano to cello to guitar (some set of chords?), along with most other books in the house (a series of page numbers??).  He was pretty much out of ideas and reaching a point of despair when there was a knock at the door.  It was one of Jamie’s friends, Gretchen.  She was out to get a bagel and thought she’d stop by to say hi and oh, by the way, she thinks Jamie left this envelope at her house the other day, she says as she hands it to him.  With a suspicious look, he opened the envelope to find a partial key that he used to decode the series of numbers.  When deciphered, they read, “It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is.  La, la, la, la, la life is wonderful…”, which he recognized right away as the lyrics to a song by Jason Mraz.  In a minute, he was up and on his way over over to Watermelon Music.  He scoured the music books until he found one with songs by Jason Mraz, flipped the the song “Life is Wonderful” and found stuck between the pages two close-up photos of a wooden figurine… and so on…


Neville the Gnome in our garden plot


The last clue led him to our plot at the community garden at just about sunset.  Katie had had Gretchen put out a blanket and some champagne and strawberries, so when we arrived at our garden, it was all set up.  So, we sipped champagne together and walked around the gardens, talking about life and all the exciting things they’ve done together.  It was very romantic.  Jamie had brought the ring along, even though he didn’t really know where we were going, thanks to a tip from his sister, Lisa.  At the edge of the gardens in the light of the sunset, Jamie got down on one knee and popped the question… and Katie said yes.

It was such a surprise, because Katie had planned the whole day of treasure hunting out for Jamie, but she certainly didn’t expect it to end like that!


Gretchen took this photo not even an hour after Jamie popped the question



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