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The Rings

As is the case with many an engagement ring and wedding band, quite a bit of thought went into the selection of both of our rings to make sure that they reflected our style and personalities and also that they aligned with our values and priorities.

While living and working in Sierra Leone for several months, we had the chance to visit diamond mines in rural areas and see with our own eyes the less-than-comfortable conditions in which people work, for very little pay, in order to extract these tiny sparkly gemstones from creek and riverbeds.  We also learned much about the less-than-honest and less-than-fair industry that revolves around diamonds in this area (think the movie “Blood Diamond”… sort of) and that very little of the money generated by extracting from this resource-rich country actually goes back into the country itself.  Unfortunately, this is true for many precious stones and precious metals.

In the spirit trying to avoid contributing to the demand for more and more extraction of new precious stones and metals, and in the spirit of recycling, we are both choosing to wear pre-owned antique estate piece rings.

Fortunately for Katie, she also loves unique vintage style with a little bit of history.

Katie’s ring is from the 1930’s.  It has a yellow gold band and a platinum filigree setting which, according to Jamie’s cousin Denise (who owns a vintage jewelery shop in San Francisco,, was very common during that time.  The ring is pretty classic art deco style, with an elaborately carved flower petal setting that holds the center diamond and two small blossoms on either side.

Jamie’s ring is from the 1960’s.  It has a bold hand-carved leaf and vine pattern in yellow gold that twists its way around the ring.  Jamie says that the design of the ring reminds him a little bit of his dad’s wedding band.

More ring photos below…

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