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The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Maid of Honor

Tina – Katie’s younger sister, she is finishing up her last year of undergrad at UCLA.  Her favorite color is yellow, not pink, and she is an artist when it comes to baking cakes.

Best Man

Kade – Jamie’s best friend pretty much since birth. He works at Hertz dealing with what he knows best, cars.


  • Becky – Jamie’s older sister, she is a massage therapist.  She is a TV commercial star, makes mouthwatering toffee and crispy kale (not together, though), and is the mom of a very smiley little boy
  • Brooks – Jamie’s sister in-law, she is a banker (ka-ching!).  She likes eating chitlins in New Orleans (kidding!) and is the mom of another very smiley little boy and a brand new beautiful little girl
  • Lianne – great friend of Katie’s and study-abroad-in-France buddy.  She is often moved to compose poetry in honor certain food and drink
  • Cindy – a great friend of Katie’s from college (another UCSB alum).  She did Peace Corps in Nicaragua and basically her middle name is ‘adventure’
  • Gretchen – one of Jamie’s best friends in the world.  She and Katie share a love for home-made Halloween costumes, and has a soft spot in her closet for knee-high boots


  • Mike – Jamie’s eldest brother and father of two beautiful little children. He loves the Giants and is a wine man, having just started his own label.
  • Chris – Jamie’s youngest brother and father to none (that we know of).  He’s going to school in Santa Cruz (for engineering last Jamie heard).
  • Fred – Jamie’s brother-in-law.  He is father to one adorable little boy and runs an adventure travel vacation company.
  • Hunter Jamie’s buddy from UC Davis. He is a fellow world traveler, and Jamie’s musical soul mate.
  • Jason – Katie’s great friend from college and former co-worker at the campus recycling program.  He is the first person Katie turns to for new music suggestions


Ceremony Officiant (and honorary bridesmaid)

Lisa – Jamie’s older sister and a great friend of Katie’s and study-abroad-in-France buddy, she is officially a nurse.  It was through Lisa that the two of us met!  She likes to travel the world, wear beautiful costume jewelry, and she generally dislikes public speaking…

Flower Girl

Kylie – Katie’s cousin’s daughter

Ring Bearers

Jack and Davey – Jamie’s nephews

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